Like many of us, I had a "day" job until recently and therefore, I took my painting time seriously and perhaps have a greater appreciation for my time spent painting.  It is my joy and oftentimes, my therapy.  As much as I like painting, I love teaching.  I have the pleasure of teaching students at my home in St. Paul and throughout the United States and Canada.  I am actively seeking travel teaching opportunities.  See "Schedule & Workshops" for my currently scheduled workshops. 

Since 2002, I have studied with many talented artists including Wan Marsh, Skip Lawrence, Carol Nelson, Calvin deRuyter, Jennifer Stone, Linda Kemp, Karlyn Holman, Tom Jones, Jean Grasdorf, Chen Khee Chee, Frank Webb, Don Andrews, Karen Knutson, Lana Grow, Kathi George, and Richard Graves.  I am grateful for the inspiration and knowledge I gained from painting with these artists.  

I live in a 100+ year old house in St. Paul, Minnesota with my husband Coz and our cats Mickey and Bailey.  When I am not painting, I enjoy working in my gardens and stamping/card making.   You can see pictures of my home on the "Where I Paint & Live" tab.

About Me

My painting journey started in 1989 when I learned to paint with acrylics during my lunch hour at the law office where I worked.  If not for the step-by-step process of decorative painting, I would not have been introduced to the world of painting.  The use of line drawings, the emphasis on technique and written instruction makes it possible for anyone to learn to paint. In 2000, I started painting primarily in watercolor.  I chose to  paint primarily in transparent colors to distinguish from my years of painting in acrylics.  Recently I am adding acrylics to my paintings along with collage.