Yellow Bird

Little Brown Bird



Red or White?

January Thaw

Rainbow Cat

Blue Nose Lilies

Tulip Collage

Geisha Collage

Hibiscus Collage

Turtle Collage


MultiMedia Packets are $10.00 (or $8.00 if indicated) plus shipping of $1.00 each.  To place an order, please go to the tab "order form" for a printable form to mail. 

Instructional Packets - MultiMedia

Lillian's Cactus

Just Another Vase of Flowers

Prickly Cactus

Instructional Packets listed as COMING SOON  are for upcoming convention projects and can not be sold until they are taught.  Stay tuned for updates!


​Coming Soon

Cave Painting and Cave Painting II:  "Battle": Both Packets  as one for $10.00

Cat in Cat

Christmas Collage

Sunflower Collage

Lily Collage

Pollen Count

Toucan Collage

Baby Its Cold Out There

Market Day

​Coming Soon!

Southwest Sunset