Lillian's Cactus

Just Another Vase of Flowers

Prickly Cactus

Baby Its Cold Out There

Market Day

​Coming Soon!

Instructional Packets listed as COMING SOON  are for upcoming convention projects and can not be sold until they are taught.  Stay tuned for updates!


​Coming Soon

Southwest Sunset

Red or White?

January Thaw

Cave Painting and Cave Painting II:  "Battle": Both Packets  as one for $10.00

Rainbow Cat

Blue Nose Lilies

Cat in Cat

Christmas Collage

Tulip Collage

Sunflower Collage

Lily Collage

Pollen Count

Toucan Collage

Geisha Collage

Hibiscus Collage

Turtle Collage


MultiMedia Packets are $10.00 (or $8.00 if indicated) plus shipping of $1.00 each.  To place an order, please go to the tab "order form" for a printable form to mail. 

Instructional Packets - MultiMedia

Yellow Bird

Little Brown Bird