Carol Spohn Conversion Chart for Mijello Mission Gold Watercolors Note: This is my conversion; there is nothing scientific about it.  If you buy one of my older packets and want to paint it with the wonderful Mission Gold Watercolors, this is what I am using now.  All colors are transparent unless otherwise noted.

Previous Colors Used by Me                          Mijello Mission Gold 

Azo Yellow LightPermanent Yellow Light
Quinacridone Gold
Indian Yellow
Quinacridone Burnt Orange
Light Red
Quinacridone Coral
Scarlett Lake
Quinacridone Rose
Permanent Rose
MagentaPermanent Magenta
Alizarin CrimsonAlizarin Crimson
Cereluen Blue
Cereluen Blue
Cobalt BlueCobalt Blue 2
Ultra Marine BlueUltramarine Deep
Quinacridone RedPermanent Red
PurplePermanent Violet
Green GoldOlive Green
Sap GreenSap Green
Andrews Turquoise
Turquoise Blue (semi –opaque)
Pro White or white acrylic ink

Titanium White (opaque)

Naples Yellow
Naples Yellow (opaque)

Burnt UmberBurnt Umber
Neutral TintNeutral Tint

Whenever I refer to "Regular Painting Supplies" as part of the tools to bring to a workshop, these are the supplies I am referring to, in addition to any special ones for a particular project.

  • ​Two water containers
  • Scissors
  • Spray bottle
  • Paper towels
  • Pop-up tissues
  • Soft rag
  • Brushes:  Medium wash brush, #14 round, #8 round and your scrubby brushes (I usually have brushes for sale)
  • A board to support your paper
  • A ruler

For workshops being held in my home

Your spot is reserved by calling Carol or emailing ​ at:   Please include name, phone number and email address.  If you have not painted with me before, you must mail me a check for the class fee to hold your spot. Space is limited.  Always bring regular painting supplies and your lunch.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel a class with less than 7 days notice, and I can not fill your spot with another student, you will loose your class fee.  If requested, the class supplies will be shipped to you at your additional expense. 

Regular Painting Supplies