October 2017

Estimated late 1800's

2017 Was a Great Year for Me!

In November of 2016 I retired from my day job at a law office to be a full time artist and instructor.  What an exciting and correct decision it was.  I am ever so grateful for my husband's support and his willingness to keep working so that I can have health insurance.  I continue to be surprised at how enjoyable and stress free my life is now.  I discovered that life is about knowing you have choices (good and bad) and making the right choice for you.  I am focusing on being around positive people and circumstances.

in 2017, I traveled to Nashville and painted with the Middle Tennessee Decorative Artists.  I also enjoyed teaching at Hoot, World of Color Expo, Art and Soul Retreat Minneapolis and Virginia Beach conventions, and the new convention in Oklahoma City.    I was fortunate to teach at Wet Paint, a fabulous art store by my house, I also showed at 3 art shows and sold art!   I completed the pattern packets for the Lillian's Cactus, Prickly Cactus, Yellow Bird and a new batik pattern called Whimsical Flowers.

 It has been nice to be able to have the time to focus on creating art for the sake of creating without the motivation of how I can teach a project in 4 or 6 hours.  I started my first journal and have been using it to create and develop new ideas and documenting my first year of retirement.

Fran Mittelstet and I are bringing a group of students to Sienna Italy in June 2018 to tour and paint with watercolor.  This international travel very exciting and we guarantee you will have an enjoyable time.  Please join us.

I am also excited to announce that I finally got myself motivated and organized to create an email newsletter to send to my students and friends.  If you would like to receive my newsletter, please send me an email at carol@carolspohn.com.  

A Brush with History

When we purchased our home in 1984 we were told our house was the original home for the surrounding area/farmland.  At the time I thought, well isn't that a nice story but is it true?  You need to know that our house sits in the middle of a city block of modest homes. I wondered why our lot would not of been more impressive.  Well in October a man came to our house and said that he found these photos in the attic of his grandfather's home.  He said they were pictures of his great grandfather's home which was originally located across the street from the  historic St. Clare Broiler, .4 miles from our current location. His great grandfather's farm included the athletic field of Macalester Collage, OMG it was true!  Over the last 150 years or so there have been changes to our home.  The full sized front porch didn't make the move to Saratoga Street but you can see that the right side of the porch was converted into 3 season porch.  A friend of ours built the new front porch a couple of years ago.  The  charm of the original windows were updated with energy efficient windows in the 1950's and most recently in 2000.  The wood siding is covered with vinyl but we have maintained the original wooden dental trim at the roof line.  I am working on researching the history of our home, including the date our home was built.  I know that it was moved to our current location in 1910.

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